Omax Men’s Watch

SKU: 8018.13

PKR 10,900

Omax men’s watch for men in black dial with date display, two tone metal bracelet/metal silver case.

  1. Display: This watch has a day and date display complication, which means it can show you both the current day of the week and the date on the watch face. This is a useful feature for many people who like to have this information readily available on their wristwatch.
  2. Dial: The Omax Men’s Watch features a black dial, which is the part of the watch face where the time is displayed. Black is a stylish and neutral color choice for the dial.

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It’s important to note that people’s reasons for wearing designer wristwatches can vary widely, and not all women who wear them do so for the same reasons. Additionally, the choice of a designer watch is a matter of personal preference and can vary greatly from person to person




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