Original Rado Diastar 2022 Watches In Pakistan

Today, we are going to discuss something about the most sold product by Rado watches. Yes, this is Rado Diastar. Rado Diastar is the most selling Rado watch in Pakistan. Generally, it comes in tungsten Bezel that is oval shaped. It comes in two variants when we talk about its movement and these variants are automatic and quartz. Most of the sold articles are in automatic movement. This watch comes in tungsten bezel that is a hard material that resists the scratches of the daily use. One of the cons of this material is that it is harder up to a level that It breaks on hitting something very hard. But in general the life of this material and its polish is in decades.

Approximately, 40 dial variations come when we talk about Rado Diastar. Dials which are more glossy and sparkling are more liked by the consumers. We are attaching a video of one of the most selling Rado Diastar watch in Pakistan. It comes with glossy metal bracelet which has gone over various changes over the time. Rado Diastar has gone over various changes from end 1950’s is till today.
Rado Diastar came with screw back 1958, but nowadays it comes with the press back. Water resistance level of this what is tremendous. When it comes to time, company officials say that plus minus 30 seconds a day is ignorable as it is not a certified chronometer watch.
One of the three features of original Rado Diastar watch is that the logo of this what is similar to in anchor. This anchor rotates on the motion of the watch.
In total we can easily say that Rado Diastar is the heart of the watches among all the range of Rado and it is the heart of all the watches that are being sold in Pakistan. 7star.pk