Rado jubile watches over the time.

It was back in the 1970’s, that Rado began to put the Crowning touch to its most successful product line with diamond adorned version and its top of the line models went under the name Jubilee and easily identified to for retailers and customers. The word “Jubile” meant and still means the most expensive and the most unique model of the line in question distinguished by the genuine diamonds on the dial and the characteristic jubilee logo in the past few years. Rado has constantly further extended its program of exclusive top end products then ever. Even more sophisticated type of top model in health with precious stones is together with the Diamond decoration on the dial characterized by additional precious stones inlays on the case address and in some instances on the intermediate elements of the bracelet. There are two main reasons for such products having been received so favorable response from its customers. One is the tendency in the watch trade towards expensive and exclusive pieces. The Other Is that Rado has a loyal customer base in various Markets especially U.A.E and Pakistan and faithful crowd of fans are often more than willing to Crown their own personal collection with the top model.

In Pakistan also, the trend of the customer of Rado on one hand has an increasing income scale who is willing to buy a better, more sophisticated and expansive wrist watch to meet his or her fashion desire and on the other hand, in the deteriorating market conditions, the customer who has bought a Rado in late 1970’s or 80’s, do not afford to buy a new model of Rado wrist watch in 21st century. What we suggest to the Rado company is that the company should not decrease its production of the low end Rado products to widen its upcoming customer base across the world.