Rado Sintra Sporty In Black and Silver Colours



Sporty Design and High Precision Technology

The “Rado sintra” sports models scintillate with a cool straightforward look of the total competence combined with elegance. They are timepieces that fascinate in all respects, design, material and multifunctional inner life. New model that can be especially singled out in the Sintra tennis chrono in mysterious black. An impressive watch and a sporty and Stylish compliment to the existing Platinum colored version.

New and just as interesting are the various meticulously refined Sintra Sports

model in black and Platinum colored Hitech ceramics. They are also equipped with the first class ETA Swiss made chronograph movement and features eye catching and elegantly executed 15, 30, 45 and 16 marking in the metallized Bezel.

When people are asked which model best personifies the Rado brand, the answer is very often the Sintra and it is true that the special character and absolutely uncompromising design have made the Sintra a real Rado classic. New styles and Designs details may be added, the style and the validity of form remain the same. The same goes for a Ceramica, a watch that is also individualistic unusuall and unmistakable and distinguished by numerous design award, just like other Rado watches. Rado sintra is as popular in Pakistan as anywhere in the world. Most of the new generation wish to have a Rado Sintra especially in black colour. It comes with 4 and 12 diamonds and special editions contain more than 40 diamonds on the bezel and the bracelet. The market for the Sintra is growing day by day in Pakistan. In the market of Pakistan, silver colour Rado sintra never remained as popular as a black one and the demand for the silver Sintra always remained lower than the black one. In the present circumstances the upcoming and the new models of Rado has broken down the Crown of Sintra silver, black and ceramica which has caused the sales to drop down.