Rado Watch Company’s Success Story

Success factor hardness

Hardness is a flexible concept and is perceived rather differently according to situation, if you bang your head against a wooden beam, you understandably find wood to be disagreeably hard. But in certain areas, such as the working of metal or stone much more specific measures of the quality of hardness are required. And those who want to work on granite or precious stones need tools that have capacities of wear similar to that of genuine diamond.
The meaning of hardness in the area of jewellery and watches:
At first it seems that jewellery and hardness have little in common. Pieces of jewellery made from gold or silver to do not have to be especially hard. They are appreciated for their elegant form and their precious materials. But hardness does indeed become a factor in value and prestige, namely where Ultra-hard elements such as diamonds and other precious stones come into play. Diamonds are not only rare and expensive, they are amongst the hardest and most inalterable of materials to be found on the planet earth. It is not for nothing that the leading diamond trade from De beers use the slogan “a diamond is forever.”
Rado – inventor of a scratch proof watch:
With watches, the particularity and exclusivity of hardness were discovered relatively late. The pioneer in this field was none other than the Rado Watch Company Limited of Lengnau, Switzerland which launched the world first scratchproof watch in 1962. Rado astounds the watch world again 28 years later with the ‘Ceramica’, manufactured overall from high-tech ceramics. And again, 10 yers later, the innovative Lengnau company succeeded in the reach for the stars with the presentation of a revolutionary ‘v10k’ as hard as a genuine diamond.

The magic of enduring beauty:

The Rado principle of creating beauty that stays beautiful as has been honoured by the Rado customers literally millions of times over the decades. inalterable hardness as an additional advantage for the customer has become extremely sustainable and sales effective success factor. It responds in a distinctive fashion to a basic human need. The wish to own the things of beauty and value and preserve them forever. in accordance with this, Rado will continue in the future to play the trump card of enduring beauty. Withh its  incomparable range of products – watches with no rills design made from inalterable material – Rado will continue to constantly arouse the enthusiasm of its customers and indeed the whole watch trade.

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