Rhythm RS1605S06 black dial men’s wrist watch with date golden bracelet & case

Rhythm RS1605S06 is a Black Dial Men’s wrist watch series as by the Rhythm group of companies as they are mostly popular among in the clock making market since by decades. Rhythm has been in the manufacturing of the wrist watches since 1950 and has gained the trust and the hearts of its most valuable customers as all around the globe by providing the absolute astonishing, alluring and the most beautiful looking wall-clocks and the wrist watches in the wrist watch market. The finemen craftsmanship has been utilized in the manufacturing of the mechanism and into the designs as always.

The Rhythm has always been the most best seller of the wrist watches. This model of the wrist watch as RS1605S06 is given into Jet black color dial with Golden color Roman numbers used as for declaring the time and the same color handles are used inside the dial as matching with the numbers color for giving it a beautiful contrast with the black color dial. The date window is given at the place of the number three in the dial with a magnifying glass as well for a clear-cut vision of the date so, even those can see the date and stay up-to-dated who have low eyesight. There are always the most elegant designs introduced by the Rhythm brand in the wrist watch market providing comfort zones and stylish looks both to their customers.

As come towards the case and the bezel of this wrist watch; they are given into Golden colors. The case of this wrist watch is into a glossy finish by sidewise and hence; the shoulders of the case of this wrist watch are given into the matt finish. The Bezel of this wrist watch have a total cut edge design and is into a total glossy finish which gives this whole wrist watch an alluring and an astonishing looks. Same color as of the case and the bezel of this wrist watch, Golden color crown is provided in this wrist watch for matching the whole theme with the color schemes. Rhythm’s Logo as “R” is imprinted on the crown of this wrist watch which gives it away a very classical look.

As we come towards the bracelet of this wrist watch, the bracelet is given into stainless steel Golden color all over but there are three line of the links in the middle of the bracelet as into glossy finish and the edges of the bracelet are into matt finish which gives it away a very tempting and an appealing look all over. The bracelet is really very comfortable to wear on the wrist and is flexible to bend. The bracelet utilizes a pusher lock in all over Golden color made with a stainless steel material which ensures the durability of this wrist watch and which is very easy to wear and to take off from the wrist of yours.

This wrist watch utilizes a Quartz Mechanism to operate the machinery and the timing. A quartz movement utilizes a battery as its primary power source and is typically the type of movement that you will find in your standard, no-frills watch. To create power in quartz watch movements, a battery sends an electrical current through a small quartz crystal, electrifying the crystal to create vibrations.


Quartz powered watches dominate the watch market for an excellent reason. Consider these factors before choosing a watch with a quartz movement.

  • Affordability: Quartz watches cost very little to manufacture. You’ll find them at every price point, from the mass market options through your local big box store all the way to designer options at high-end retail.

  • Reliability: This is the most reliable watch you can ever hope to own. Thanks to the high vibration of quartz crystals, these timekeepers lose less than one minute per year.

  • Low Maintenance: While mechanical movements still have their place in the watch market, they require special routine maintenance every year. Quartz watches, on the other hand, have no special requirements for care. Most owners will need to have the battery replaced occasionally.

  • Selection: With representation at every price point, quartz watches are available in a wide range of styles, with all sorts of finishes, bands, and features. Combined with its affordability, it’s easy to own several watches, choosing your favorite as the occasion demands.

A Sapphire Crystal glass is utilized in this wrist watch as for keeping it secure and prevent from daily use scratches.

The crystal of a watch — the clear cover that goes over the dial and protects it – can be made of a variety of materials. Generally, there are three types of crystals used in watchmaking: sapphire crystals; mineral crystals; Plexiglas (often called plastic) or hesalite (acrylic) crystals. Depending on the cost of the watch, or the rugged functions of the watch, different crystals are used—influencing the price and value of the watch.


Typically in the luxury watch field, sapphire crystals are preferred. Sapphire is extremely strong and scratch resistant – making it the top choice for a fine timepiece.  While sapphire is the more expensive of the three crystal choices, it has its advantages due to the scratch and shatter resistance. In addition to being scratch resistant, a sapphire crystal has more ability to withstand cracks and breakage than glass or plastic.

Generally a mineral crystal is an ordinary glass crystal that has been heat treated or chemically treated to withstand scratches. While it is not as scratch-resistant as sapphire, it is more scratch-resistant than plastic. Under extreme hot or cold conditions – if the glass is bluntly hit on a certain angle – the glass can actually crack or shatter.


Box Included
Bracelet/Band Steel (Golden)
Calendar Type Date
Case Steel (Golden)
Dial Color Black
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Crystal
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Japan
Product Type Men’s Wrist Watch
Size Standard
Water Resistance Standard