Rolex Oyster Perpetual automatic wrist watch in black dial with resilient stainless steel

Rolex S.A is a Swiss private company that manufactured and sells luxury watches. This company is the undisputed, market dominant and a huge innovator in luxury watchmaking. Rolex products are sold worldwide and are popularly regarded as “status symbols” mostly due to craftsmanship, timeless design and good quality material.

Rolex Oyster perpetual automatic wrist watch is in cool black colour dial. The dial has stick hour markers for time indication. The symbol of Rolex is made there at the place of 12 hour. With every stick markers dot markers are also locate there. Small minutes markers are also there between every hour. 3 ,6 and 9 hour are in large stick size. The watch is simple, robust and water resistant upto 100 meters and has automatic movement. The oyster perpetual is the heart and soul of rolex. Approximately, 39 mm case of this Rolex oyster perpetual comes with cool blue dial. The hands of the watch is in silver colour in beautiful stylish design. The crown is attached with 3 hour. The lining is made there over the crown for better grip.

The case and bracelet are made of an incredibly resilient stainless steel super alloy, which can take a beating and still look great. The beautiful designing is made there over the bracelet. The watch came with swiss machine and has automatic movement. Scratch less glass is there over the dial. Over all product is amazing and beautiful.