Romanson Textured Silver Dial Men’s Wrist Watch With Date In Magnifying Glass


ROMANSON Company was firstly established in 1988, inspired by craftsmanship of Switzerland’s mechanical heartland, Romanshorn. ROMANSON company is currently operating their Global business network in more than 70 countries, maintaining the steady growth as one of the global leaders in to the wrist watch industry. ROMANSON Company generates more than $2,50,00,000 per annum, as their current year income overall which is extraordinary as when they have started to spread their business gradually too around the globe.

On the top of this, ROMANSON’s managerial principle that “Design means competitiveness” and their continuous investment on R&D(Research & Development) have made reliabilities and smoothened the way to achieve higher customer credibility and larger share in the wrist watch making market.

A significant portion of annual sales revenue is allocated in to invest in products development, and ROMANSON is the first company ever to independently proceed a project of developing “mechanical movement” type wrist watches. As a result, ROMANSON was able to develop a prototype model of “manual movement” type pocket watch in 2008.

About ROMANSON TM0361MWWH Men’s Wrist Watch In Silver Color Textured Dial With Date:

As in their journey of absolute excellence, ROMANSON proudly presents their Model of “TM0361MWWH” as in a round shaped elegant silver color textured dial with date window as in place of number three(3) in the dial with a magnifying glass which provides easiness in seeing the date through this magnifying glass window. The date window is given with a White color of the background as mostly utilized into the backgrounds in the date windows. Although, the date is mentioned with the Black color of the Numerical numbers inside the date window of this ROMANSON wrist watch. The edges or the you can say that the borders of this wrist watch’s date window is crafted with a silver color of the Glossy steel. The dial of this masterpiece wrist watch by the ROMANSON Company is given into a very acoustic looking and pleasing displayed textured into same silver color of the dial as into the original color of its dial.

The hours Numbers Indication is given into the very beautifully crafted silver color of the Roman Figures as into the shine and glossy finishing which pleases the eyes of the every seer. The whole circle of these Roman Numbers indication is covered with a Well-Designed Lining texture at the background of these Roman Numbers. Although, the edges of the silver color of dial of this wrist watch is still textured with the same texture as given into the middle section of the dial of this wrist watch. This beautifully crafted textured allures everyone who came in contact with this beautiful wrist watch and enhances the personality who wears them.

The Logo of the ROMANSON Company is also given inside this silver color textured dial of the wrist watch beneath the 12th Digit Roman Figure number, written with the Black color of the Font and given with the plain Silver color of the background in the Logo of this wrist watch’s Company. There is a small Luminous Dot after the every Roman Number mentioned inside the dial of this wrist watch as for indicating the Hours Time-Keeping even into the darkness. Similarly, Silver color of Luminous handles are provided into the dial of this wrist watch as for indicating the precise and absolute time-keeping so that, staying up-to-dated with the time would not be an issue even into the darkness or wherever you go so. The seconds handle is given into the plain silver color as matching with the color of the other Hours and minutes handel. The main dial of this ROMANSON’s Wrist Watch is given into a little bit of the depth and the border of the dial of this wrist watch is provided into the Off-White color which resembles with the Silver main dial color. There are Black color Minute Lines given at the border of this wrist watch so, you can keep up with the accurate and precise Time-Keeping. Minutes are also mentioned with the Numerical Numbers after the interval of every Five-5 Minutes.

As we talk about the Bezel and the case of this wrist watch, the Bezel and the Case of this wrist watch’s are provided into the total Glossy and shining finish which allures the eyes of the evey seer and attracts the eye contacts towards itself automatically. However, the shoulders of the case of this wrist watch are provided into the Matt finishing which provides a very classical look towards this wrist watch as with the Modern and Fashionable as well both; at the same very time. The crown attached with the case of this ROMANS Men’s Wrist Watch is given into the silver color texturing with a supportive and kind of a protective case which does not disturbs in the adjustments of the Time-Keeping and hence; very easy to get a hold onto.

As we move towards the bracelet of this wrist watch, it is in the resemblance with the ROLEX wrist watch. An extremely beautifully crafted with detailings, the bracelet of this ROMANSON Wrist Watch is given into the mixture of the Glossy and Matt finishing which allures and provides an extra astonishing looks towards the bracelet of this wrist watch. The middle section links of the bracelet of this wrist watch are provided into the Glossy finishing and the links on the edges of the bracelet of this wrist watch are given into the Matt finishing which endures the looks of this wrist watch as a formal and stylish wrist watch both; at the same very moment.

There is a Glossy Butterfly Pusher lock with the ROMANSON Logo imprinted on it, given with this wrist watch which provides very easiness into wearing and taking off this ROMANSON Men’s Wrist Watch into daily usage. This overall wrist watch for men’s is provided into the stainless steel material as which ensures and guarantees the durability and long-lasting standing of this ROMANSON’s Silver Textured Dial Men’s Wrist Watch. This Wrist Watch utilizes Swiss Quartz Movement and have a Sapphire Crystal Glass on it’s case as for being a protective Glass from scratches from the daily base usage.


Box Included
Bracelet/Band Steel
Calendar Type Date
Case Steel
Dial Color Silver
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Crystal
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Switzerland
Product Type Men’s Wrist Watch
Size Standard
Water Resistance Standard