ROMANSON (TM0361QM) wrist watch for men with stones on bezel and two tone color chain and dial and date with magnifying glass

Romanshorn is a town in Switzerland. ROMANSON is the name after this town. This company started in 1988. For instance, this town plays a special role in history of watchmaking.

ROMANSON try to present history, tradition and beauty of this city. So, in 1989, ROMANSON built the first glass cutting technology.  This surface reflects light effectively, maximising the watch’s beauty and elegance.

Aerial view of the harbor of Romanshorn (Lake of Constance, Switzerland).

Lake Constance in Romanshorn is the idea for this technology. The surface of clear glass represents Switzerland’s immaculate natural beauty, and the cutting
glass technology evokes the glittering beauty of Lake Constance in the shining sun.

Anyhow, ROMANSON watches proudly presents their elegant model TM0361QM . It is a beauty in itself.

Moreover, this watch is in Two tone, silver and golden color chain. Astonishing your wrist everywhere you go. This watch’s chain simulates to ROLEX watch. It has the same chain pattern design of ROLEX watches.

Anyhow, when it comes to shiny looks, this product matches the perfect example among various categories. The case of this watch is in silver color glossy look. However, the Bezel upon the case of this watch is in Golden color with the stones attached on it.

So, it is an attractive product for the stone lovers in watches. This watch‘s design gives you elegant and pristine to astonishing look in in one product all over. The two tone dazing chain color and design attached to its confound case. Moreover, bezel with stones on it, is the perfect combination for a elegant watch lover’s eye.

Moreover, the extremely astonishing dial of this masterpiece watch is in the white color. Seconds are mentioned across the edges to its dial. Roman numbers in golden color are shown to indicate time. An elegant design is printed in shape of circle inside the Roman numbers to give it more dazing look. The company’s logo is printed in the dial on the white textured design. The handles of minute and hour are centered with white color and thin lines of golden color.

Although, this masterpiece watch among the Premier Series of ROMANSON Watches has a very reliable Butterfly collapse lock. It is a very long life durable lock. so easy to open and close for keeping your ease in mindset. The logo of ROMANSON is printed and highlighted on the centre of the lock.

If handled with care, this watch‘s glass is made with Sapphire Crystal.  Considering in giving you an astonishing masterpiece to stay scratch resistant on a one  watch’s glass. It’s a really durable watch glass in keep giving it a shiny look.

This overall, as a whole,  watch is in stainless steel body for staying scratch resistant. Means, you can stay scratchless and still have a shiny nad a glossy look all over in your watch, if maintained.

It is a water resistant watch upto 5atm. This watch is functioned with  Quartz movement. Although, the movement origin for this watch is Switzerland. As in same case, the Hometown for this watch’s company is Switzerland itself.