SEIKO SGEH45P1 Silver Dial Men’s Wrist Watch With Date

About SEIKO Watch Company:

Kintaro Hattori opens a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in Ginza, Tokyo.

The story of Seiko began in 1881, when a 21 year old entrepreneur, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing watches and clocks in central Tokyo. Just eleven years later, in 1892, he established the ‘Seikosha’ factory.

Seikosha was founded; started producing wall clocks.

In 1892 Kintaro Hattori bought a disused factory in Tokyo and Seikosha was formed (In Japanese, “Seiko” means “exquisite”, “minute” or “success” and “sha” means house). It was here that Kintaro Hattori produced his first clocks and these marked the beginnings of a company that was to become one of the world’s most important manufacturers of timepieces.

Seikosha builds the first pocket watch.

Throughout the 1890’s, the success of Seikosha’s wall clock business increased, and Kintaro looked to broaden the range of his business. In 1895, he created a pocket watch, the Timekeeper. It was a vital step forward, without which the future of Seiko would have been very different as it paved the way for Japan’s first ever wrist watch.

The LAUREL, The First Wrist Watch Made In Japan, Made Its Entrance

In 1913, only the pocket watches were still very popular among the people and there were just only a few of the wrist watches were imported to the Japan. Kintaro, hence; was always serious and was purposeful in being ‘one step ahead’ and jumped onto the difficult task of crating the Japan’s first ever wrist watch and succeeded and  crafted the ‘LAUREL’. In the very early days, the company was only able to build 30 to 50 wrist watches but, later on, Kintaro got managed to make a lead on the rest.

About SEIKO SGEH45P1 Silver Dial Men’s Wrist Watch With Date:

This acoustic and beautifully crafted Men’s Wrist Watch comes up into the most attractive and eyes alluring Silver color of the Dial which enhances the beauty and pleasingness of this modern era wrist watch. A very graceful and elegant silver color dial has been made into this wrist watch with a little bit of the shine into it which gives away a very charming and appealing look to the every eye of the seer.

Similarly, as of the Dial color, Silver color but, into most glossiness, Index Lines are given inside the dial of this wrist watch as for indicating the Hour Lines. the Time-keeping of the Hours are indicated as with these Silver color of the Index Lines into extra Glossiness which clarifies the Time-Keeping of this wrist watch. Just as onto the place of the 12 Digit Index Lines, there are two Index Lines placed as indicating the Two Numerical Numbers as 12. The most speciality about these extra Glossy Silver color Index Lines is that, with every single one of these Index Lines, there are Luminous Dots places at the very edge of these Index Lines. Which reveals the absolute precise time even into the darkness without any kind of issues and makes it absolutely clear that the Time-Keeping is not at all an issue for you to wherever you go so.

Besides these Luminous Dots at the very edges of these Silver color Index Lines, as we talk about the Handles of this wrist watch, the handels of this wrist watch are also given into the Shiny Silver color with a luminous feature which enhances the clarity of the time into the darkness too. There are also Black color small lines indicated after the every Silver color Index Lines into the whole dial of this wrist watch as indicating the Minutes into the whole hour which let’s you to keep up-to-dated with the accurate Time-Keeping everywhere; anywhere.

This wrist watch also features the date indicating function which changes itself as if adjusted accurately once. The date window is given besides the 3 Digit Silver color Index Lines inside the dia of this wrist watch. The date window is given with a White color of background and the date is mentioned with the Black color of the Numerical Digits inside the date window placed besides the 3 Digit Silver color Index Line. A Black color Lined Border is placed at the edges of the Date window with a minor millimeter difference from the edges of the date window which gives away this date window a very stylish and stunning look and amplifies the beautiful strength of the dial of this acoustically crafted wrist watch.

A Silver color Seconds handle is given into this wrist watch but the edge of the handle of the seconds is given into the red color with a small Luminous Dot which clearly express and indicates the movement of the seconds handle through the passage of each and every second even into the darkness so that, the time keeping would not be an issue for you as wherever you go so. The Logo of the ‘SEIKO’ Company is placed beneath the 12 Digit index Lines inside the dial of this wrist watch and a ‘Sapphire’ and ‘100M’ is mentioned above the 6th Digit Silver color Index Line inside the dial of this wrist watch.

It’s very clear that the ‘SEIKO’ has never ever compromised onto providing the best of the quality into their products and that’s why they have been always winning the hearts of their customers as always throughout the whole globe. As we talk about the Glass of this wrist watch, then it is given into the ‘Sapphire’ material which is know for it’s high resistance to scratches which occurs into our daily uses of the wrist watch. the ‘Sapphire’ Glass of the wrist watch provides a very secure protection shield to the glass of your wrist watch to be protective from the scratches.

Now; s we move towards the Bezel and the case of this ‘SEIKO SGEH45P1’ Wrist Watch, the Bezel of this SEIKO’s Wrist Watch is given into the total Glossy and shining finishing which attracts and appeals the eyes of everyone through its beautiful and shiny looks. The case of this wrist watch is also given into the Glossy finishing but the case of this wrist is a mixture of the Glossy and the Matt finishing as the both of the sides of the case are into the Glossy finishing and also the half of the shoulders of this wrist watch are provided into the glossy finishing as, the other half of the shoulders of this wrist watch are provided into the Matt finishing which makes this wrist watch a masterpiece in it’s very own self. Through this Multi-Mixturing of the Glossy and Matt finishing, this wrist for men’s gives away a very classical and a formal looks both; at the same very time which increases the value of this elegantly crafted masterpiece by the SEIKO wrist watches.

As we move towards the bracelet of this wrist watch, the bracelet is given into the mostly Matt finishing with the two thin linings in between the links of the bracelet with the glossy finishing. A pusher lock is supplied with this wrist watch which is really very easy to wear and to take-off. This over all SEIKO wist watch is made with the stainless steel material which ensures the durability of this product.


Box Included
Bracelet/Band Steel
Calendar Type Date
Case Steel
Dial Color White
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Sapphire Crystal
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Japan
Product Type Men’s Wrist Watch
Size Standard
Water Resistance Standard