Seiko wrist watch for men in black dial with date and chronograph

A watch is something personal. Every person has his own taste in style and design. Normally, stainless steel watches are considered to be a good quality watch. A watches in ceramic or metal is harder or better but those watches also have expensive price tag. The weight of the watch is also the sign of good quality. The stainless steel watches are of low weight. The watch that i am going to share with you is of same quality.

Seiko wrist watch for men:

 The dial of this watch is in black colour with chronograph. The dial of this watch is in big shape. The dial has stick hour markers on every hour. The white dot is there with 12, 6, 3 and 9 hour. The date is on the right side of dial along with 3 hour. As you already know, it has chronograph function. So there is three subdial on main dial. The subdial on top has stopwatch function. The subdial on bottom has solar function. Solar function means that the machine is also charge with light. The subdial on left side is for side seconds.


The bracelet of this watch is in black colour. It is made of stainless steel. The lock is also in black colour. The Seiko is written on the lock. Bracelet holds the watch case with your wrist. It is attached with case through lugs of watch. The case of watch is also made of stainless steel in black colour. The back of the watch is also in steel. The glass of this watch is crystal. The crown is of big size attach with 3 hour.

Other features:

A good affordable watch has quartz movement. you will always found the quartz watches in good quality and low price. This make watch more accurate and affordable. This watch has also quartz movement. This Seiko watch is manufactured in japan with good quality. This Seiko brand has proven itself over time. This brand is known from it’s durability and value of money. This watch, if maintained properly, will operate lifetime of a few decades. Water is more damaging to watch than anything . The waterproofing quality is also a sign of good watch. This watch is resistant to 100 meters or 10 bar. Which is a good sign.


Finally, we can say that a quality watch, besides the above mentioned characteristics, has a nice finished. This is the big difference between a cheap watch and affordable watch.