Seiko wrist watch for men in silver dial with chronograph with steel bracelet

Each watch and manufacturer is different from the next and they all have their unique properties. The watch that I have is also different from other watches. Seiko men’s wrist watch in good quality. Having unique functions.

About dial of the watch:

The dial of the watch is in circle shape. As you all know, dial is the face of the watch, and that portion of the watch that displays time. It came in different dial colors or different dial shape. The dial of this Seiko watch is in circle shape. The color of the dial is silver. The dial has stick hour markers. The 12 hour is in digit. It has three hand. The hour and minute hands are in two shades. They are in white and golden shade. The seconds hand is slim and in golden color. The date is on right side between 4 and 5 hour. The watch has multi hand function. There are three sub dial over the main dial. The signature of Seiko and logo is written on top of the dial.

About band, case and glass:

The bracelet secure a watch to wrist. The chain of this watch is made of  stainless steel. The bracelet is in glossy grey color. The signature is there over the lock. The lock is of new style. The case of the watch is also stainless steel. The case came in different shapes and material. The case shape of this is circle. The crown of this watch is in big shape. This is a knob on the outside of the watch case that sets the calendar and time. If you push the crown first time it can change only calendar. If you push for the second time you can change the time. The date can also change automatically after 12 am. The case is attach with the bracelet with the help of lugs.

The watch has quartz movements. Hence, it powers the watch functions and keeps it’s time, and located within the case. The size of the watch is standard and it is resistant to water. The machine has 1 year free service warranty. That’s all about our new product. I hope you like this product.