Swistar wrist watch for men in black dial with date and stainless steel case

Let’s introduce our new Swistar wrist watch for men. Sister is the brand manufactured by Switzerland. The dial of the watch is in black color. Dial is also called the face of the watch. This is the part that we see from the front of the watch. It is in dark black color. There is dotted hour markers except 12 and 6 hour. Along with every dot, the arrow is designed there. A diamond type dot is there on the 12 hour. Date is on the 6 hour. 6 hour is skip from the dial. The dial has three hands. The small hand is use to indicate the hour marks. The large hand is use to indicate minutes marks. The third one is large and thin have arrow shape from front use to indicate seconds. This is a new type of dial i have see. Quartz is written above the date.

Bracelet, case and crown:

The case cover the watch mechanism and is almost made from stainless steel. The case of this watch is also made of steel (two tone). Crown is used to set time and date of the watch. It is located mostly at 3 hour on a normal watch. The crown of this watch is made of steel. The bracelet holds the watch case to your wrist. The bracelet of this case is made of steel (two tone) and tungsten. The lock is also made of steel (two tone). The crystal is the glass of the watch use to see the dial. The glass of this watch is sapphire coated. The picture below can clear you more.

Mechanical and quartz movement:

some watches have mechanical movement and some have quartz movement. The difference between these two movements is the use of battery. Quartz watches are battery operated and mechanical watches are powered by gears and springs. This watch has battery operated machine with maximum 1 year free service warranty.


The size of the watch is standard and resistant to water. It look very beautiful on one’s wrist. This watch has very descent grace. This watch increase your personality. That’s all about this product. I hope you may like this product and purchase it.