Swistar wrist watch for men in golden dial and golden bracelet


In 1997, Swistar entered in the market with beautiful, attractive, and slim designs for both men and women at very affordable price. Swistar offering the newest products such as watches in tungsten, ceramic and sapphire material. The main thing about these materials is that these are scratch resistant.

Swistar men’s wrist watch in golden dial with date and golden bracelet.

Let’s introduce our new product swistar wrist watch for men.  This watch is very attractive with beautiful shape. When I saw this watch first time, the watch got too much attention from me.

About watch dial:

The dial of the watch is of golden colour with date. The dial has dotted hour markers. The needles on the dial are very thin and small. These thin and small needles looks beautiful. The name of the brand is written below the 12 hour marker. The date is above the six hour marker. The main thing the about the dial is that it is in rectangle shape. The picture below will explain more.


About glass and case:

The glass of the watch is of  hard crystal. Two vertical black strips are there on the glass. The case of the watch is steel (golden). The crown of the watch is also golden. The back of watch is also steel.

About bracelet:

The bracelet is of steel (golden). The main thing about bracelet is that it has tungsten pieces. Mostly these pieces are not attach with all watches. These pieces are also golden. The butterfly lock is also attach with the bracelet. Mostly people are unknown with this lock specially children. For your clarification here is the picture of the lock below.

Other important things about watch:

The watch has free service warranty for 1 year. It has quartz movement. The size of the watch is standard. It is also water resistant.


These are the important features about the watch. I hope you all like our new product. This is one of the best product that I have shared with you.