Tag Heuer As An Emerging Brand In Pakistan

When we discuss about the management, we can say without any doubt that the management of 7-Star watches is working hard in its category. It seems that they have a good grip on to the market. The management knows how to manage the requirements of the customers. At a time, all the eyes were on this concern that how will it survive but it came back as a market leader.
In 2018, 7-Star Watches enjoyed a remarkable growth in Faisalabad. The national growth was also very remarkable when we talk about sales. One of our very positive markets are Khyber Pakhtoon-khwa. Other remote areas are also showing very positive growth. Although, there is a big problem regarding the exchange rates in the market, we hope to grow further. The symptoms of the market recovery can be seen very clear since September 2018. An growth of 30% expected when it comes to sales in the coming years.

Although, it is very difficult for us to give number of sales in every city of Pakistan, we can say that we are getting a reasonable business across Pakistan. We are also witnessing the success of the new line such as Prestige Watches and “Naviforce” brand, whose sales began early this year. These brands are working as the heart of our business and are available in many models. Then there is also a wide range available in “Omax” brand.
Our discount offers are now also better structured. There is a price range available for every member of the family.  These ranges cover all age groups. Beginning with the the brand named “KWC”, then climbing to Bonito watches. The tower of this range goes from Citizen and Seiko watches to “Romanson watches.  We also deal in Casio watches that has become a dream for every watch lover of the young generation. This brand is also an accessory for adults.

exclusive ” Rado watches ” collection is defined in terms of its style, price and primary target client. The “Rado” watch collection is made up of simple watches as well as chronographs. In percentage terms, 85% masculine wrist watches with other 15% intended for the ladies watch lovers.
There are several choices for the watch lovers, if you don’t want to move up all at once. The Casio general series now has various new editions for every age group. These watches have different dial colors to suit your outfit and personality. These are water resistant to 50 meters and with the price of below Pkr. 10000, they are very attractive watches. the edifice series is all above Pkr. 10000. Above that, the most discussed series of “g-shock” and “Protrek” comes.
Whenever we talks about a men’s watch model with rotating bezel, the first name comes to our mind is Seiko. At the present time, 7-Star Watches offers a very wide range in both masculine and feminine watches. A new range of exclusive automatic watches has been introduced recently. For women, we are introducing an all new range of beautiful watches  in various brands and colors.

In the beginning, the concept of our management was to remain exclusive in the market but by the passing time, we started to change our variety to work on a commercial base. We faced several problems in this process but all is well that ends well. We promise you will come to see various changes regarding variety in the future too.

Our objective is to make shopping a pleasure. Any customer must be feeling proud to buy a product from 7-Star Watches Faisalabad. Therefore, we have concentrated on taking the product to its next level. We are promoting our outlets in the most contemporary and powerful manner. Our publicity ads change every few months. Entire effort is helping us in moving our brands to  next level.  In this regard, continuity is the most powerful tool and the management of 7-Star Watches is striving hard to maintain its continuity.