The art of watchmaking is becoming more normalized in 2019

One of the biggest effects that has taken place in this century is the normalization of the watchmaking to the longest and the largest level. The last 10 years has seen watchmaking industry to the next level. The social media image and the importance of wearing a watch has progressively grown. It is observed that a huge increase in the number of products and its supplements has taken place. From high end to cheap ones, the timepiece has rapidly passed from a useful object to a fashion statement. Wearing a wrist watch has become a lifestyle. It has become a fantasy for the fashion cautious class. The number of watch manufacturers has exploded and the number of true collectors of wrist watches has also grown. Social media has a big role in this rapid and massive increase. This fashion statement has now reached more new segments of the population.

In my opinion the turning point of the watch industry dates to the beginning of the 21st century. Prior to that, wrist watch was a statement as well as a necessity in the 70’s when automatic wrist watches were widely liked and used among masses all over the world. After that, the battery operated wrist watches took its place and the watch industry took a curve in its growth. The generation today has much more craze to the wrist watches. It has been observed that by 2030, the wrist watch business will reach to its next level around the world.