The first boutique dedicated exclusively to Grand Seiko in Beverly Hills.

As we explained in detail last year in our special Far East issue, Grand Seiko, previously Seiko’s upscale collection, has broken away from the parent company to become a fully-fledged brand in its own right. This is part of an ambition to conquer a bigger share of the global Haute Horlogerie market.

In Japan itself, Grand Seiko was already renowned for the finesse of its design and the precision of its calibres. But elsewhere in the world, and especially in the United States, the name “Seiko” was mostly associated with entry-level watches, since the quartz revolution that saw the Japanese brand conquer the planet.

It was to correct this narrow vision of the breadth of the company’s offering that Grand Seiko freed itself. And it is naturally in the United States that the first effects have been felt the quickest. No coincidence, then, if the world’s first Grand Seiko Boutique was inaugurated in Los Angeles, on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

In Pakistan also, Seiko brand was always known as a brand of a medium price for a customer willing to have the perfection in a low budget range but now, Seiko has broken all the barriers by launching the new Grand Seiko. We hope this will be available in Pakistan soon.