The globalization and Pakistan

One of my friend who has the interest in wrist watches,  just took over a youtube channel in Pakistan this year not only specialized in watches but also in watch movements. One day, I got to thinking about why he decided to do this. He is a man having interest of everything to do with unique things. He also work for a store selling branded wrist watches in Pakistan. It was just because he is simply wanted to find the time to plan and imagine something bigger and better and time to leave saying Time pass. He wanted to take the business to next level using an advance way that will bring all the customers to one page. 

Another thought came to his mind that a man planned a trip to Ethiopia in the fall while reading a strange fact about the country that they are used to maintain two parallel times along with each other. He discovered that people there has nothing to do with our normal timezone. Instead of that, it is in Ethiopian way of reading the time. The day on a wrist watch adjusted to Ethiopian time does not begin at 12 o’clock, But at 6 o’clock. When you live in Ethiopia and look at An Ethiopian watch, your fix a time with someone for example 16:45, it will be 22:45 according to our time. If you have an appointment at 8:00, you must understand that the meeting will take place at 14:00. A thought comes to the mind that on one side we are going to the globalization,is this really important to have two different times in the same living environment. It seems to me that world is becoming on the contrary even more divided to the point of fracturing into A Thousand and One different entities further divided little by little. I am becoming more certain of this fact that we are not living at the dawn of so called globalization, but at the climax of a movie after which the story of the globalization is about to disperse. It is nothing more than an idea or a concept that is running out of space and has just to do with the speed of our internet connections in which the speed can bring the commodity to a page but cannot bring minds to a page.
At this stage of globalization, a new nationalism Rises up to block it. The difference between the rich and poor, the known and the unknown, the updated and the non updated, the connected and disconnected. The world is constantly in the phase of transformation but also in constant differentiation today. China is the world’s product manufacturer factory. Who knows perhaps tomorrow China may also be the nervous, intellectual, social, cultural and commercial hub of the world and on the other hand, India as a nation is also the biggest Information Technology hub of the world.
While those who think that with the same old short term policies, they have the potential to maintain their market share seems very difficult now. We prefer a long term policy of the things which allows us to communicate with our customer in our time as we conserve our time using the new, fast and effective ways in the world now a days. Keeping this in mind, 7-Star Watches has updated various videos about different wrist watches in Pakistan and also guided its customers with the prevailing prices of the watches available in the market. We believe market on one side is saturating and on the other side, difference of choices has made it very difficult for a shop owner to maintain complete variety of any brand. However, we are striving our best to give our client the best possible variety and service.