The optimum sales has been reached

As we have discussed earlier, the watchmaking and its sales has reached its historic boom. In 2000’s,  the fashion and looks became more important than the actual product. The importance of the time it is becoming normalized then the  economic and brand value of the product. It is a safe to say that the watchmaking industry may not reach the boom it has seen again in the mid 2000’s. The rate of exceptional success with the increase in media attention, watchmaking and fashion to have a stylish watch has become a lifestyle.       In this respect we have witnessed that a new trend in Italy, the country that is considered to be a trend setter on the four front of watch industry has emerged. The designs as well as fashion in general seems in the minds of the people today. what is observed that people love to wear replica watches or copies and the real thing is out.
However, this behavior might be the result of a growing behavior of difference or change in moral values as an outcome of a new state of mind and that is “consumerism”.  Today, only the image of the product count then the reality of a wrist watch, specially in the third world countries like Pakistan.