TOMMY HILFIGER 1710294 men’s wrist watch in white dial with day, date & month leather straps

Since the brand, Tommy Hilfiger, was established in 1985, it has grown from designing and creating new trends of the collections of the wrist watches to expanding in markets of the wrist watch making. The brand is well known for its American cool style as well as hints of a cool and stylish styles throughout their collections of the wrist watches which was inspired by iconic pop culture. For those who keeps a keen eye for fashion as well as a soft spot for Tommy Hilfiger, we have created the ultimate guide to Tommy Hilfiger watches for both men and women.

About The Brand:

The global fashion brand was founded by the man himself, Tommy Hilfiger, and he is still the brands head fashion designer to date. Unlike the many other popular fashion brands in the industry of the wrist watches, Tommy Hilfiger actually started as a brand in 1985, it gained so much popularity that the brand expanded from only men’s wrist watches collections to adding women’s wrist watches collections in 1993, which is how we know them as in today. Now Tommy Hilfiger is sold to over 100 different countries across five continents and it is the brand’s ambition to keep on growing without stopping and keep on expanding their heritage of establishing and providing the one of the most elegantly fashionable wrist watches suiting and matching with your personalities.

If you consider yourself a fan of Tommy Hilfiger and are looking for a brand new wrist watch to add to your attractively cool wardrobe then; nevertheless; Tommy Hilfiger Wrist Watches for men are a range of different collections to suite you class of the personality.

About TOMMY HILFIGER 1710294:

This elegantly designed wrist watch for men into a classical yet, fashionable look; both at the same very moment, TOMMY HILFIGER men’s wrist watch is into a most beautiful White color Dial. There are three multiple dials within the main dial of this wrist watch provided as for indicating the day, month and Railway-Time. The multiple dial for Month indication is given beneath the 12 Digit inside the main dial of the wrist watch and the Railway-Time multiple dial is given upon the 6 Digit inside the main dial of the wrist watch with broad silver color textured line borders. The indication inside these multiple dials are written with the black color fonts with the silver color multi handles as making a great and fabulous contrast. The TOMMY HILFIGER Logo is given at the place of the number 3 inside the main dial of the wrist watch and just right next to it, the date window is mentioned into a silver color border with white color background matching with the dial color of the wrist watch.

The third multiple dial inside the main dial of the wrist watch is mentioned inside the main dial of the wrist watch just right next to the Digit number 9 as for the months indication. There are various features provided inside the main dial of the wrist watch as for being updated by the dates and with the days too and even with the Twenty Four hours Railway-Time as well. The multi dial for the day indication is provided with a silver color of handle and hence; the days are mentioned on the borders of the multi dial within the main dial of the wrist watch. Shiny Silver color handles are utilized inside the dial for time indication through Hours, minutes and seconds handles.

The numerical numbers are used inside the main dial of the wrist watch as for mentioning the Digits of the Time as Hours indicators although the 3 Digit is in the shape of the TOMMY HILFIGER Logo and the 9 Digit is in the shape of the Index line giving the dial of this TOMMY HILFIGER 1710294 a very unique look and well designed as in the wrist watch. Each and every single minute line as into an Hour is mentioned at the edges of the dial for absolute precise and accurate timekeeping everywhere you go so. the overall look of the dial of this TOMMY HILFIGER wrist watch is completely attractive and captivatedly designed for a true class seeker in the wrist watches choosing.

As we move forward towards the case and the Bezel of this stunning TOMMY HILFIGER 1710294 wrist watch, the case and the bezel of this wrist watch are provided into a total stainless steel material with a Glossy finish line. The stainless steel material utilized in the manufacturing of the case and the bezel of this wrist watch enhances and endures the long-lasting of this wrist watch as keeping it absolutely rust free for a lifetime. There are two buttons provided upon and beneath the crown of this wrist watch as for using in the adjustments of the month indications and twenty four hours Railway-Time accordingly. The Crown of this wrist watch is given with a line texturing and a thin white color line placed in the middle of the crown for giving it away an exact stylish and a beautifully alluring looks. Through the line texturing on the crown of the wrist watch, it is also very easy to hold on a grip on the crown during the adjustments of the timekeeping which adds an additional feature in this tempting and appealing wrist watch.

Moreover, as we talk about the band of this wrist watch, TOMMY HILFIGER has provided a High-end quality genuine dark chocolate brown color leather straps with this model of TOMMY HILFIGER 1710294. It’s a very enduring and elegant looking dark brown color leather strap which comforts the wrist of the any wearer. The edges of this dark chocolate brown color leather straps are stitched with the strings so, it may lasts for a very long period of the time depending upon the care taking of these leather straps. A Glossy stainless steel shiny Buckle is provided with these Dark chocolate Brown color leather straps for durability. The over all material utilized in this wrist watch is absolute 100% made of stainless steel material providing this wrist watch a guarantee to be very durable and long lasting.


Box Included
Bracelet/Band Leather
Calendar Type Day, Date & Month
Case Steel
Dial Color White
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Crystal
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Japan
Product Type Men’s Wrist Watch
Size Standard
Water Resistance 50m