TOMMY HILFIGER 1791133 off-white dial men’s wrist watch with date & brown leather straps

Tommy Hilfiger Watches Build Quality:

The build quality of Tommy Hilfiger wrist watches is very good; they’re made with stainless steel cases.  The watch face is protected by mineral crystal.  The product line is reportedly designed and manufactured by Movado, though the watches are of absolute good and of the best quality.  Water resistance ranges from 30 to 50 meters, depending on the model.


The movements utilized into the TOMMY HILFIGER wrist watches are quartz movements sourced directly from the country Japan.  Japanese quartz movements are quite accurate, highly reliable rather than the other quartz movements and unlikely to require any maintenance other than the occasional replacement of a battery.


You’re not going to find any technical innovation with Tommy Hilfiger wrist watches, as they’re designed as fashion accessories, rather than as a standalone, attention-getting product.  As such, many models are time-only, though a few have chronograph features.  There is also at least one hybrid smartwatch in the product line, showing that the company is not afraid to test out new technology and keeps on challenging the newest innovations of this modern era.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches Styling and Features:

Styling ranges from austere to sporty, with a lot of emphasis on oversized cases and chronographs among the wrist watches crafted and designed by TOMMY HILFIGER.  You’ll find a bit of color, as some cases are blue, gold, or white.  No precious metals or gemstones in the product line, however, still as these are moderately priced timepieces which still attracts the attentions of the everyone around in the presence.

These wrist watches are suitable for casual wear, a day at the office, or a night on the town.  You’ll find that there’s something in the product line to suit all occasions, and as they’re fairly affordable, you might want to buy a couple of them as their designs and styles are absolutely undeniable.

A few of the women’s models have some unique styling and are designed to look more like bracelets than wristwatches.  You’ll also find a bit of faux gemstones on the women’s models.  Straps are either leather or stainless steel.

While many models are sporty chronographs, they do have exceptional water resistance, so be aware of that as they provide comfort and elegance with the modish styles and designs in wearing.

TOMMY HILFIGER 1791133 men’s wrist watch:

As we come towards the dial of this wrist watch, the dial of this wrist watch is given into an Off-White color which gives away this wrist watch a very classical and a sophisticated looks.

When we talk about the dial design of the TOMMY HILFIGER 1791133 wrist watch, it is an absolute masterpiece of majestically and gracefully crafted in itself. The dial of this wrist watch is given with into an Off-White color with the Black color luminous handles of hours and minutes indication with the arrow heads designs at the edges of these handles. The handle for the Minutes indication is provided with a Red color touch at the edge of the handle which gives away a very individual and a very special pleasing look to the viewer of this wrist watch. The seconds indication handle is given into a very distinctive style and designed as in the same colors of the TOMMY HILFIGER Logo as in Red and White colors. Two headed, diagonally designed seconds handle is given into the dial of this wrist watch which absolutely gives away this wrist watch a very unique and a beautiful look.

The Numerical Digit numbers and the Index lines utilized and are provided in Luminous Ink specification with the Black color borders given with these handels in the dial for the absolute precise and accurate indication of the time even in the darkness so that; the timekeeping won’t be an issue for you when you go so anywhere. The indication of the Hours inside the dial of this wrist watch is given with the numbers in which luminous ink is used as in 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 whereas the other hours indication inside the dial are indicated with the luminous Index Lines in the Off-White color dial of this wrist watch.

The date is also given into this wrist watch and the date window is provided with next to the number Four 4 inside the dial with a Glossy silver color and a Red color as utilized in the Logo of the TOMMY HILFIGER; border line and white color background given inside the date window and the date numbers are written into Black color numerical font. Each and every minute lines are printed in the Black color and indicated inside the dial at the borders for providing absolute correct time with the precision in staying up-to-date with the timekeeping. The TOMMY HILFIGER Logo is provided beneath the 12 Digit written in the black color inside the dial of this wrist watch. 5atm(50m) water resistancy level is mentioned inside the dial of this wrist watch above the digit 6 and very next to the date window given inside the dial. A Jet Black color Bezel is given on this men’s wrist watch with the minute lines imprinted in the Off-White color on the top of it.

As we now, move forward towards the case of this elegantly crafted wrist watch, the case is, as of this wrist watch is provided with a total stainless steel material with a Glossy finishing onto the shoulders of the case of this wrist watch for a shiny look which attracts the eyes of the every viewer of whom eyes passes by seeing this allure looking wrist watch for men’s. Although, the remaining part of the case of this TOMMY HILFIGER 1791133 is provided into a Matt finishing which gives away this alluring timepiece a fashionable and a very classical looking touch; both; at the same very moment. The stainless steel material is utilized in the case of this wrist watch as for giving this wrist watch away a very long lasting terms as for being really very durable and rust-free to wear upon. There is a line cutting texture made from steel case at the very edges of this wrist watch’s Bezel. The over all view of the dial of this wrist watch is absolute stunning and very catchy towards the eyes of the viewer.

As we go on and talks about the band of this TOMMY HILFIGER’s wrist watch, TOMMY HILFIGER has provided a genuine Dark Brown color textured leather straps with this wrist watch. A very soft material is utilized at the inside of these genuine and very original leather straps for giving away an absolute comfort and consolation to the wearer of this wrist watch. The comfort zone is really that much amazing of this wrist watch’s leather strap bands that, once you taste the wearing of this wrist watch upon your wrist, you just simply cannot resist to keep it wear on.

The straps cover as in the same Dark Brown color are engraved with the Logo of the TOMMY HILFIGER Logo on the top of it. A stainless steel Glossy Buckle is provided with with a TOMMY HILFIGER Logo imprinted on the Buckle of this wrist watch too. The stainless steel material utilized in the Buckle of this wrist watch gives away this product’s a very long lasting and a really durable finishing for a long period of the time. This overall wrist watch is provided with a 100% stainless steel material utilized in the manufacturing of it as for enduring and making this wrist watch’s life long lasting and totally Rust-Free. The edges of this wrist watch’s black color genuine leather straps are stitched with a Dark Brown color thread for ensuring the stronghold of these straps and which gives away these Dark Brown color genuine leather straps a very elegant and a sophisticated look.


Box Included
Bracelet/Band Leather
Calendar Type Date
Case Steel (Black)
Dial Color Cream
Free Service Warranty 1 Year
Glass Crystal
Movement Quartz
Movement Origin Japan
Product Type Men’s Wrist Watch
Size Standard
Water Resistance Standard