TOMMY HILFIGER 1791157 men’s wrist watch with date leather straps

Tommy Hilfiger Watches Summary:

Watch aficionados(a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a subject) tend to turn up their noses at the wrist watches from fashion companies, and it’s easy to see why.  Many other fashion brands think they need to have wrist watches in their line, and they often contract production out to companies that can make the wrist watches as cheaply as possible.

That’s not the case with here.  They’re designed by a famous Swiss brand, they’re manufactured with high quality components and reliable Japanese movements, and they offer a good selection of styles and designs that should suit just about everyone’s taste.  Yes, it’s true that they do seem to have a lot of chronographs in the Tommy Hilfiger watches line, but sporty watches are popular.

If that’s not your style, you’ll almost certainly find one that is, and one thing that all Tommy Hilfiger wrist watches have in common is that they’re quite affordable accordingly when comes to the budget.

Looks, reliability and affordability is a good combination, and Tommy Hilfiger wrist watches offers them all among their elegantly designed and crafted timepieces.


This TOMMY HILFIGER men’s wrist watch given into the elegant Black color Dial is a masterpiece in itself. This Highly-End crafted masterpiece in itself wrist watch contains a Mixturing blend of the Numerical numbers and of the Index lines utilized inside the dial of this TOMMY HILFIGER men’s wrist watch with a Shiny Golden color. The numerical numbers are used inside the dial of this men’s wrist watch as in the place of 12, 2, 4, 6 and 10 and the remaining Hours keepers are given with the Index lines. Rose Gold colors handles are used inside the dial of this wrist watch as for the timekeeping.

The case and the bezel of this wrist watch is given into a stainless steel material used with a total glossy finish which gives away this wrist watch a very unique and a classy look. The stainless steel material keeps this wrist watch a rust-free duty and a very long lasting lifetime time as with the durability.

Moreover, as we talk about the band of this wrist watch, TOMMY HILFIGER has provided a High-end quality genuine dark chocolate brown color leather straps with this model of TOMMY HILFIGER 1791157. It’s a very enduring and elegant looking dark brown color leather strap which comforts the wrist of the any wearer. The edges of this dark chocolate brown color leather straps are stitched with the strings so, it may lasts for a very long period of the time depending upon the care taking of these leather straps. A Glossy stainless steel shiny Buckle is provided with these Dark chocolate Brown color leather straps for durability. The over all material utilized in this wrist watch is absolute 100% made of stainless steel material providing this wrist watch a guarantee to be very durable and long lasting.

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