Watchmaking industry and its development

How do we recognize one of the world’s watchmaking accomplishments by the use of the new technology, complicated wrist watches, by its precision, by the number of diamonds and skills that it has been manufactured by, by the design and perfection and the beauty on the microscopic level, yes to all of course manufacturing each and every part in a watch is perhaps not an ordinary job as well as it is the type of detail that sets up our belonging to the level that makes us look different from others when it comes to the the wrist watch craze.
Over the last few years it has become often that the annual launches of exceptional new wrist watches from Different brands such as Casio, Rado, Seiko. In 2002, a global change took place in the watch industry. In 2003 all the major watch brands made complicated wrist watches parallel to the accomplishments of their business rivals. The research and development in this domain provided an excellent base for the new comers in the marketĀ  and also testified the potential for innovative advancement of watch industry. The revolution is still possible in traditional mechanical watch making as the world market is shifting from Swiss to China.
The new automatic movement wrist watches were again in fashion when the skeleton watches were launched by the big brands recently. The young generation now a days has got more hunger of automatic watches then ever before.
The reliability and life span of the moments available now has been assessed much better then in the past. The minute hand or needle has been manufactured in two parts, the date gear is thicker and the winding has been strengthened by the advanced technology.
This new models of wrist watches needed a packing worthy of the names as well as functions those are capable of testifying to its performance to a new face of development in this field.
We all remember that in 1996, one of a major watch brand tested the first watch that was equipped with an automatic display of the month date and day.
With the new and very attractive faces, the current annual new launches from about all the brands includes an important innovation from a technical point of view as well as for immediate readability for the first time. The calendar of the date, day and month are given in the three different Windows.

Beyond the technical aspects described above, the special editions of the beautiful cases which combines to the beautiful bracelets designed with the extra ordinary craftmanship on one hand and advanced technology on the other side makes it more charming for the customer to make any decision about buying any wrist watch.
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